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Getting started with Numberslides 🏁

The first steps to setting up your forecast
Written by Max Valentine
Updated 10 months ago

What is Numberslides?

Numberslides is financial forecasting software built to help you support your business case with cash flow and financial models. We provide you with the numbers for most business planning decisions. So whether you want clearer insight to plan your business, want to raise investment, hire a bigger team, or negotiate with suppliers, our financial forecasting tools can help you do that.

We enable you to create financial forecasts for your business faster. By automating most of the tedious tasks and offering an easy to use interface, you can quickly input your numbers and generate forecasts.

How to create Numberslides account

To create an account, go to our website and click 'Sign up' to begin.

You will need a few details to get you started. They are: 

  • Company Name: Your company name.
  • First Name: Your first name.
  • Last Name: Your last name.
  • Email: Preferably your work email. This will become your login.
  • Phone: Your phone number. We might call you to help with your onboarding. (Read more about our data collection policy here).
  • Password: Please create a secure password. You will use this to login.

Once you have created your account you can begin building your financial model(s).

How does Numberslides work?

The core functionality in Numberslides is building financial forecasts using assumptions to look forward. These assumptions can be based on historical company data and available market data. Are you a start-up? Don't worry if you have very little company data, we understand that this is not always available. We created forecast tools that give you the numbers and the context for your business to thrive. 

Setting up your first model is a super quick process. From your dashboard click 'Create your first model'. Give it a name, and—hey presto 😎—your model input section will open up and you're ready to get started.


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